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Research on Computer Experimental Teaching Mode Based on Virtualization Technology

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.027


Yan Liu, Renjie Liu

Corresponding Author

Yan Liu


The rise of virtualization technology (VT) in universities belongs to the category of emerging technology. Through VT, independent operating systems can be established in computers, thereby completing the organic integration of software operations and experimental work. In the teaching of various majors in universities, computer experiment teaching has certain difficulties and strong practicality. In response to this situation, many college teachers have tried to apply VT in the teaching process, aiming at solving practical problems such as poor performance of computer hardware, further improving students' learning efficiency, and ensuring the quality of computer experiment teaching. Nowadays, computers are often used in university teaching. The application of computers enriches teaching content and makes teaching more vivid. However, universities have not paid attention to the management of computers, resulting in many problems in computer experimental teaching. At present, the VT in computer experimental teaching cannot keep pace with the development of the Internet, which should attract sufficient attention from schools and teachers. This article takes computer experimental teaching as the research object, and analyzes the application of VT combined with computer experimental teaching.


Virtualization technology, Computer experiments, Teaching model

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