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Research on formation process of contact with high temperature and pressurization

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72156


Wang Qingsheng, Novikov Pavel, A.A.Popovich , Khodorik Semen, Yu Yao, Yang Zhelong

Corresponding Author

Wang Qingsheng


Systematic analysis is made on two processes of contact and non-contact high-temperature formation process through non-contact air coupled ultrasonic testing, AC impedance, angle of infiltration testing and thermal imaging analysis. Through the comparison of polarization, adsorption and diffusion, AC impedance comparison and thermal imaging analysis, it is proved that the influence of the type of contact high-temperature formation process on the polarization of the lithium battery and the subsequent potential problems are suggested, and play a role in the selection of lithium battery formation process equipment and process [1].


High porosity quasi solid polymer lithium battery, non-contact air coupled ultrasonic testing, interface impedance, AC impedance, adsorption and diffusion

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