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Organic Integration of Human Movement Science and Health Education

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEPMS2023.006


Xiaodong Xing, Wenyan Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaodong Xing


Today, with the rapid development of education in China, we not only attach importance to cultural education, but also strengthen education in many aspects, especially physical education. Only by ensuring that students have a healthy body can they study better and provide greater help for the future construction of the country. Under this background, human movement science and health education are gradually integrated in the field of education in China. This paper discusses the organic integration of human movement science and health education. While understanding the meaning and significance of the integration, it clearly defines the methods to promote the effective integration of the two, and deeply discusses and describes the measures to improve the integration effect of the two, hoping to provide some reference for the development of related work, further improve the scientific and effective integration of the two, so as to promote the reform and optimization of related teaching activities and meet the talent training objectives of the school. Therefore, we can integrate sports human body science and health education teaching in a reasonable way, which is of great help to students' understanding of the teaching content of sports human body science, can help students master more health knowledge, and can also indirectly help students develop a certain degree of self-care ability, which is conducive to students' future work in the field of health education teaching and sports.


Human movement science, Health education, Organic integration

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