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Plasmachemical Synthesis of Nanodispersed Silicon Powder and Its Use As Anode in Lithium-Ion Battery

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72157


A.A.Popovich, Wang Qingsheng, P.A.Novikov, N.E.Ozerskoi

Corresponding Author



In the work we investigated in detail the process of obtaining nanosized spherical silica powder from micron powder fragmental forms using inductively coupled argon plasma. In the course of research, the phase composition, the morphology of the particles, particle size distribution and specific surface area of the powder was studied. The resulting silicon powder was used as the anode material for the lithium-ion battery. The assembled model of the battery was investigated using the process of galvanostatic charge/discharge, cyclic voltammetry. The working electrode showed a capacity of 2056 mAh/g during charge and 1977 mAh/g during discharge, respectively.


Nanodispersed silicon powder, lithium-ion battery, plasmachemical synthesis

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