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Research on the Computer-Assisted Instruction Model of Curriculum Oriented by Professional Ability

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEPMS2023.018


Yan Liu, Renjie Liu

Corresponding Author

Yan Liu


With the mushroom growth of information technology, computers have become a part of people's daily life and work. In order to effectively carry out the teaching of basic computer courses for computer majors in colleges, each college must adopt reasonable practical teaching methods and actively carry out the reform and innovation of computer courses. With the advent of the scientific era, society needs talents with innovative awareness and practical ability even more, which has become one of the main directions of talent cultivation in colleges. Develop reasonable curriculum content based on the job requirements of different professional positions, improve the basic vocational skills of computer students, and cultivate more social comprehensive computer talents. The basic computer courses in colleges undertake the important function of cultivating students' software office skills and information based thinking, which is crucial to the cultivation of students' professional abilities. Implement classroom teaching according to the development law of professional ability, actively carry out information based teaching reform aimed at improving autonomous learning ability, and pay attention to improving teachers' professional practical ability, thereby effectively improving students' comprehensive professional ability. This article analyzes the current situation of the teaching of basic computer courses, proposes a computer-assisted teaching model based on the teaching objectives, and expounds the practical methods of computer-assisted teaching.


Professional competence, Computer-assisted, Teaching model

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