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The Influence of Job Crafting on Professional Identification of Social Workers: The Chain Mediation Effects of Person-Job Fit and Job Achievement

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.005


Hui Li, Gang Ding

Corresponding Author

Gang Ding


Social workers are an important force in the modern social governance system, and their professional identification is related to the pursuit of the sense of meaning in social works, which is a powerful antecedent factor on social workers’ job burnout, turnover, work engagement and other problems. Job crafting refers to change task boundaries, relationship boundaries, and cognition of jobs in the workplace, which contribute to obtain the meaning of work. Under the existing constraints, social workers build their professional identification by actively job crafting behaviors. The research was conducted using literature analysis, theoretical deduction, and questionnaire surveys. The results show that job crafting affects social workers’ professional identification through four ways: the first is the direct effect, the second is the mediation effect of person-job fit, the third is the mediation effect of job achievement, and the fourth is the chain mediation effect of person-job fit and job achievement. It can provide some theoretical guidance, such as guiding social workers’ job crafting behaviors systematically, and building professional social worker teams based on competency model.


Job Crafting, Professional Identification, Person-job Fit, Job Achievement Social Workers

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