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Construction and Promotion of Ideological and Political Teachers in Universities Oriented by Curriculum Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.010


Yang Yu

Corresponding Author

Yang Yu


Education is a great cause that affects the growth of the nation. The growth of modern education should focus on cultivating people by virtue, and realize the dual goals of cultivating talents and morality. Although many theoretical and practical achievements have been made in the process of ideological and political education (IPE) reform in universities, IPE has always been self-contained and faced with an isolated island dilemma. The proposal of curriculum IPE provides conditions for IPE to extend educational ideas, clarify educational goals and seek new ways of education. This paper discusses the construction and promotion strategy of ideology teachers in universities oriented by IPE, so as to improve teachers' comprehensive quality and education level, enable them to have the idea of all-round education, organically combine professional courses with IPE, and enable students to achieve all-round development. Facing the new problems in the teaching staff of “Curriculum IPE”, universities should improve the overall ideology quality of teachers and strengthen the communication and cooperation between professional teachers and ideology teachers in the new period.


Ideological and political education, Teachers, Educational level

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