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Research on the Influence of China Traditional Folk Art on China Animation Industry

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.013


Le Sun

Corresponding Author

Le Sun


Culture reflects human life, records human activities, is rich in historical accumulation, is people's needs and aspirations for life, and is people's advanced spiritual life. Folk literature is the crystallization of wisdom created collectively by ordinary people and passed down from mouth to mouth for thousands of years. As a treasure house of cultural resources, folk literature is the source of modern animation industry capital. However, domestic animation is both amnesia and aphasia, and it is in an embarrassing situation of internal and external troubles, and the industrial development is not optimistic. At present, as one of the hottest cultural industries in China, animation is not only a way of leisure and entertainment in people's production and life, but also a means of artistic creation for artists, and it is also a cultural media. In the face of opportunities such as the supporting policies for the animation cultural industry and the intangible cultural heritage protection project, domestic animation should focus on content, reshape the folk literature tradition, highlight the national cultural characteristics, create a Chinese cultural brand, achieve the victory of cultural creativity, realize the creative transformation of folk literature resources to the capital of modern animation industry, and stand on its own in the world of animation art.


Traditional folk art, Animation industry, Human activities

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