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Research on the Construction of Community Old-Age Service Facilities Driven by Population Aging

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.015


Xi Wang

Corresponding Author

Xi Wang


Community pension service is a very important part of the whole pension system, with the increasing logistics and people flow in modern society, many children of the elderly are in different places, so they will definitely choose to rely on the community in their daily lives. In the old age, on the one hand, the elderly people attach importance to economic life and have higher requirements for the quality of life. Based on the investigation results, this paper first analyzes the necessity of community-based aged care service under the background of aging, then introduces the problems existing in the current construction of community-based aged care service facilities, and then puts forward some suggestions on the construction of community-based aged care service facilities driven by population aging.


Population aging, Community pension, Service facilities

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