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The Application of Traditional Shadow Play Elements in Modern Opera Animation Creation

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.018


Bo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Bo Zhang


As a treasure of Chinese art and culture, shadow play has not developed with the development of science and technology. On the contrary, its inheritance has become a great challenge. In recent years, the development of shadow play art has attracted more and more attention. People began to try to integrate shadow play elements into digital media creation, which caused a good response. Its unique modeling and national temperament bring humorous emotional atmosphere to the audience, as well as its unique light and shadow effects, musical singing and performance forms, which make shadow play a popular folk art. Shadow play art is the most unforgettable, the most special and the most skillful. As the descendants of China who have this honor, we need to continue to inherit its essence, and rely on modern digital technology to absorb the essence of shadow play elements into animation design to make up for the national characteristics of animation industry. This creation aims at inheriting the development of shadow play art by presenting the shadow play elements with digital animation technology. At the same time, in the process of design and production, it explores and studies how to combine the two, in what form, and in what digital technology, so as to produce shadow play animation with both traditional cultural connotation and characteristics of the times.


Shadow elements, Modern opera, Animation creation

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