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Shanxi Fanshi County tea shop mining development Co., Ltd. gold mine Geological characteristics and causes

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.022


Hongguo Huang, Zhen Li, Xiaolei Liu, Chungang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hongguo Huang


Chafang gold mine is located in Zhifang Village, Boqiang Township, Fanshi County, which is a small deposit with (in total) silver, copper, lead and zinc, with proved metal quantity 811kg, associated silver metal 35.05t, copper metal quantity 650t, lead and zinc metal quantity 8928t. The average grade of gold is 3.92g / t, the average grade of silver is 166.48g/t, the average grade of copper is 0.31%, and the average grade of lead and zinc is 4.27%. There is still a broad prospecting prospect in the area, which is expected to reach the medium-sized deposits.


Tea workshop gold mine, geological characteristics, metallogenic mechanism

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