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Comparison of Cultural Adaptation, Cultural Maintenance between Han Chinese and Ethnic Minority College Students in Northwestern China’s Minority Areas

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.031


Xiaoxia Shao, Shuxian Huang, Hui Wang, Lina Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxia Shao


This study compares how cultural adaptation, cultural maintenance, and multiculturalism relate to the ethnic identity of Han Chinese and Chinese ethnic minorities in Northwestern China. To obtain the data, 147 college students were selected at random from five universities in Northwestern China’s minority areas, and they completed a survey. Analysis of the results yields the following conclusions: for the ethnic minority Chinese population, 1) no correlation exists between the Chinese ethnic minorities’ cultural maintenance and their adaption to Han culture, 2) the ethnic identification of the Chinese ethnic minorities is positively correlated with their cultural maintenance, and 3) the multiculturalism of Chinese ethnic minorities is positively correlated with their cultural adaptation to Han culture; for the Han Chinese population, 1) the ethnic identification of Han Chinese college students is positively correlated with their attitude toward Chinese ethnic minorities’ adaptation to the dominant Han culture, and 2) the Han Chinese’s ethnic identity is not correlated with their attitude toward the cultural maintenance of minority Chinese college students.


The excellent traditional culture of china, Ethnic identification, Cultural adaptation, Culture maintenance, Ethnic minority and han chinese

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