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Study on Literariness of Imperial Edict in Qing Dynasty and Its Related Story Works

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.039


Zhengfan Chen

Corresponding Author

Zhengfan Chen


In recent years, with the further broadening of scholars' academic horizons and the development of the collection, collation and textual research of preaching novels, the research on preaching novels has gradually entered the right track. As one of the social education measures of the rulers, the imperial edict preaching in Qing Dynasty, as a unique cultural phenomenon, its development and evolution process and the story-like preaching text that emerged with it deserve more in-depth and detailed analysis and combing. This paper studies the literariness of imperial edict in Qing Dynasty and its related story works. Firstly, it puts forward the origin and development of the imperial edict in Qing Dynasty, and then discusses the literariness of the imperial edict in Qing Dynasty. Finally, the article analyzes the story text of the imperial edict to discuss the material source and literary value of the research on the related story works of the imperial edict in Qing Dynasty.


Imperial edict, Qing dynasty, Story

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