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A Study on the Fertility Willingness and Influencing Factors of Urban Women of Childbearing Age from an Individualized Perspective

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.001


Fan Feng

Corresponding Author

Fan Feng


With the rapid development of society, China's population growth rate continues to decline, and the problems of population aging and labor shortage are becoming increasingly serious. This article adopts the methods of questionnaire and interview, introducing an individualized perspective, focusing on the ideal number of children to be born, the purpose of childbirth, and the fertility policy. From the perspectives of individuals, families, and social support, it grasps the basic information of the sample population's fertility intention. Firstly, analyze the current situation of fertility intention from the perspectives of ideal number of children, ideal reproductive time, gender preference, fertility tendency in different age groups, and the transition between fertility intention and behavior. Secondly, from the perspectives of identity in marriage and childbirth, individual independence, and the relationship between individuals and society, it is found that the fertility intention of women of childbearing age is constrained by low maternal identity and high risk of marriage and childbirth, weak traditional gender role concepts and strong individual development awareness, and insufficient social formal and informal support. Finally, based on the influencing factors, suggestions are proposed to improve the marriage and childbirth security system, promote gender equality, and innovate fertility concepts from three perspectives: welfare policies, equal protection of labor rights and interests, and social concepts.


Urban women of childbearing age, Fertility intention, Individualization

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