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Research on the Realistic Choice of Rural Pension from the Perspective of Social Support Based on Case Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.016


Zhenzhen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhenzhen Zhang


Our country has entered the deep aging, rural pension problem increasingly highlighted. In order to study the choice of old-age care in rural areas, based on the theory of social support, this paper investigates the person in charge of the rural happiness Hospital in X village, some elderly people in the village and their children through in-depth interviews and field investigation, and measures the choice of old-age care of the elderly and their children from two dimensions of formal support and informal support. The study found that the rural elderly and their children are prone to support the family. Based on this, this paper proposes that we should improve the infrastructure construction and implement the rural old-age relevant policies; Relax the conditions of mutual assistance and expand the range of activities for the elderly; Optimize the way of mutual assistance, with the power of rural example; We will improve family pension security and expand informal support measures for the elderly.


Pension choice; Social support; Family pension; Rural Happiness Institutes

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