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Research on fertility desire and influencing factors of women of childbearing age based on Bongaarts’s low fertility theory model

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.022


Bo Peng, Jixing Xiu, Tong Xiao, Huiyong Zheng

Corresponding Author

Huiyong Zheng


OBJECTIVE: To explore the influencing factors of fertility desire of women of childbearing age under the background of universal three-child policy, and put forward suggestions and countermeasures to improve fertility rate. METHODS: A total of 1352 women of childbearing age aged 15-49 years in the 2018 China General Social Survey (CGSS) data were selected. Descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression models were used to analyze the influencing factors of fertility willingness. RESULTS: Different household registrations, different education levels, different income levels, different occupations, different marital status and happiness levels, and ideal child gender have statistically significant effects on fertility attitudes of women of childbearing age (P < 0.05). CONCLUSION: Under the implementation of the ' comprehensive three-child ' policy, the actual number of fertility intentions is higher than the ideal number of births, and the relevant influencing factors are analyzed. The state and society should recognize the development problems brought by the current low fertility level.


comprehensive three children, women of childbearing age, fertility desire, influencing factors

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