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Thinking on the Public Health Problems of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Logistics Packaging

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.030


Mingyue Xiang

Corresponding Author

Mingyue Xiang


The emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic has had a great impact on the global economy. Under such an epidemic situation, the development of the logistics industry provides sufficient supplies of materials and resources for the public during the epidemic period, and protects the lives of the general public from the impact of the epidemic. However, what followed was that the COVID-19 carried by logistics packaging led to the continuous expansion of the epidemic and threatened public health security. Based on this, this paper takes the cold chain logistics as the starting point to explore the strategies to improve the public health of COVID-19 prevention and control logistics packaging, in order to ensure the stable development of society.


COVID-19 prevention and control; Logistics packaging; Public health issues

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