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Design and Implementation of A B2B E-commerce Supply Chain Finance Platform Based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.032


Mengdan Xue

Corresponding Author

Mengdan Xue


To solve the problems of information asymmetry, credit risk, and operational risk in supply chain finance of B2B e-commerce, this paper proposes a design and implementation plan for a B2B supply chain finance platform based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The platform uses blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and security of transactions and uses artificial intelligence technology to achieve credit evaluation and risk control for enterprises. Then, the implementation details of blockchain data management, supply chain finance business, and artificial intelligence model integration realized by the platform are elaborated in detail. The platform's performance and risk control show good results through experimental verification. In the future, the platform can be widely used in industries such as logistics, retail, and manufacturing. At the same time, technologies such as data governance and supercomputing are also the focus of future research in optimizing and upgrading B2B supply chain financial platforms.


B2B, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Supply chain

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