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Research on the influence of Internet public opinion on public policy and the optimization path

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.041


Xinyue Wang, Mingyue Wang

Corresponding Author

Xinyue Wang


With the wide application of Internet technology, the influence of online public opinion on public policy formulation is gradually deepening, which requires government departments to pay more attention to online public opinion and continuously improve their ability to respond to and solve the reflected public opinion problems. This paper aims to clarify the relationship between online public opinion and the public policy process, analyze the influence of online public opinion on public policy through online public opinion monitoring in terms of netizens' sentiment, public opinion fervor and subject's viewpoint, elaborate the role and significance of online public opinion on the process of public policy formulation and implementation, and make suggestions in terms of smooth public opinion, guiding public participation and strengthening online public opinion monitoring.


online public opinion; public policy; citizen participation

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