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Study on Development Technology of Compound Health Beverage of Passion Fruit and Green Tea

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.043


He Jinwu

Corresponding Author

He Jinwu


With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the quality of life is gradually improved, and the requirements for beverages are also constantly improved. Passion fruit is a rare tropical and subtropical fruit with rich aroma and rich nutrition. It is rich in bioactive components and has high nutritional and medicinal value. At present, the liquefaction of tea has become the dominant development direction of tea beverages. Passion fruit green tea compound health beverage is a unique health green beverage with broad market prospects. Based on this, this paper studied the development technology of passion fruit and green tea compound health beverage with passion fruit and green tea as main materials. In this paper, the production technology and blending method of passion fruit green tea beverage were summarized, and the optimum formula of passion fruit green tea compound health beverage was determined by orthogonal experiment. The research shows that the product with more than 0.2% passion fruit juice has outstanding flavor, refreshing and delicious taste. The compound health beverage of passion fruit and green tea produced by the preparation technology in this paper has uniform color, good clarity, good stability, moderate sweetness and sweetness, and strong natural fragrance of passion fruit and green tea. In order to provide reference for the development of healthy and nutritious passion fruit products.


Passion fruit; Green tea; Health drinks

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