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Integrated Development of Sports and Medical Treatment under the Background of Combination of Sports and Medicine

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.044


Xiaoge Ma, Jinggang Chen

Corresponding Author

Xiaoge Ma


"Combination of sports and medicine" to "integration of sports and medical treatment" is to explore a road that integrates sports and medical care deeply, so as to conform to the strategy of "healthy China", combine sports and medical technology, and improve social citizenship, improve the health level and physical quality, reduce the consumption of medical resources, and ease the huge medical expenditure. This paper proposes a research on the integrated development of sports and medical treatment under the background of combination of sports and medicine. Mainly use literature and other methods to describe the current situation from "combination of sports and medicine" to "integration of sports and medical treatment" and analyze its connotation and characteristics; concept, strategy, value, and resource integration as the carrier; implement the talent training plan of "seeking common ground while reserving differences" to cultivate high-quality and high-level compound talents; implement "supply-side" transformation in services and resources, and balance the layout of regional sports and health resources. Implement a social participation mechanism and promote the construction of a demonstration area for the integration of sports and medical treatment in the region; in the management system, strengthen policy orientation, achieve the top-level design goal of "combining sports and medicine", and elevate it to "integration of sports and medical treatment".


Combination of sports and medicine; Personnel training; Integrated development

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