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Orientation and Innovation of Enterprise Economic Management under Digital Empowerment Mechanism

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.045


Yaoteng Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yaoteng Zhao


With the advent of the digital age, the growth of enterprises has got rid of the path dependence driven by traditional factors, and the role of data elements in promoting enterprise innovation and development has become increasingly prominent. As the strategic goal of new infrastructure in the national new development plan, digital technology will usher in a period of rapid development, which will surely give birth to many new formats and scenarios and change the development track of all walks of life. Through digital technology, the internal control efficiency of enterprises can be improved and the transaction cost of enterprises can be reduced, so as to realize the high-quality integrated development of digital economy and real economy. Digital economy is a new economic form, which takes data resources as the key production factors, digital infrastructure and modern information network as the important carriers, promotes fairness and efficiency, and optimizes the economic structure. It can reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises from the dimensions of structural empowerment, resource empowerment and psychological empowerment. As the subject of value realization and application of digital technology in innovation chain, enterprises can extend the value chain and enhance added value through digital empowerment, and realize the creation, transformation, amplification and multiplication of innovative value.


Digitization; Empowerment mechanism; Enterprise economic management; Orientation and innovation

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