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Thoughts on product industrial design in an aging society

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.049


Wu Guo, Jianlong Zhang, Xinyi He

Corresponding Author

Wu Guo


A high proportion of the elderly population will increase the burden on society and affect its development. With the increasing age, the physical function of the elderly gradually weakens, and the demand for barrier-free products for the elderly also increases. Therefore, the products developed by product designers using the concept of caring design are favored by the elderly and meet the requirements for barrier-free use of products. Product designers should know the relevant knowledge and information at the early stage of product design, so as to make the product conform to the characteristics and operating habits of the elderly in the design process. Make the design close to their lives, so as to help them. Based on the industrial design of products in an aging society, this study tries to analyze the real needs of the elderly for products by combining their physiological, psychological and behavioral characteristics. On this basis, the usability theory of products for the elderly is deeply analyzed, and the semantic popularization of products for the elderly is realized by combining the relevant knowledge of product semantics.


Aging; Elderly; Product design

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