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Reform of Physical Education Teaching Mode in Universities Based on Core Area Function Training Mode

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.050


Guikang Hu

Corresponding Author

Guikang Hu


With the continuous promotion of teaching reform, in the current school teaching, we begin to attach importance to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability and the comprehensive development of students, and good physical quality is the basis of students' learning. Function training is a good way to train university students' comprehensive ability, which can better improve university students' neuromuscular and physical quality. One of the key points of education is to cultivate the core literacy of university students and lay a solid foundation for students to fully adapt to social life. Physical education (PE), as a key course to improve students' physical quality, needs more attention, and its teaching and training mode should be improved to make it play its due role. How to reform school PE teaching to meet the demands of social development is a question that all PE theory and practice workers must seriously consider and answer. This paper studies the reform strategy of teaching and training mode of university PE curriculum under the background of core literacy, and analyzes the current situation and influencing factors of teaching and training mode reform of university PE curriculum.


Function training of core area; University physical education; Teaching mode reform

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