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The Development of Big Data Analysis Technology and Its Application in Modern Education

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.051


Shengqiang Hu, Limin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Shengqiang Hu


In the teaching process of universities, modern educational technology plays an increasingly important role, especially in providing ideological and political education to students. Modern educational technology is an efficient platform and organic carrier. Teachers of the "Two Courses" can use multimedia network technology to break free from the traditional and boring teaching methods. In this regard, this article conducts research on the development of big data analysis technology and its application in modern education. Although big data has brought challenges such as the lack of popularization of "one-on-one digital learning" in education, the need for training in school data usage, and the need for uniformity in various student data formats, the application of big data in education is an important force for future education reform and development. The spatiotemporal boundaries and information barriers of the educational environment have been broken, and the educational theories and laws that have been hidden under data for a long time will become increasingly prominent and clear. Talent cultivation will be more flexible and diverse. In line with the development of the big data era, modern education reform has entered a new stage, and the field of modern education development will usher in an unprecedented transformation.


Big data analysis technology; Development; Modern education

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