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The influence of network information interaction on international economy and trade under the background of internet plus

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.057


Xiaowei Liu, Yiling Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaowei Liu


Under the background of globalization, culture and economy are considered as the two most influential forces in the world system today. With the development of the times, the information network technology has gradually matured, which has prompted obvious changes in the current economic form, and the network economy has become the main economic mode at this stage. Compared with the traditional economy, the network economy has more advantages, but the factors such as trading place and trading time have less influence on it, which has a positive significance for the d under the background of globalization. In this era, the competition among countries in the world is developing towards a trend of diversification. At present, the competition among countries in the world is not only the competition of military equipment, economic competition, and technological competition in the traditional era, but also the competition of the amount of information resources and the level of information technology. If you want to keep international economic and trade invincible, you must pay attention to the impact of electronic commerce on it in the context of "Internet Plus". This article analyzes the impact of "Internet+Electronic commerce" on international economic and trade from both positive and negative perspectives, and analyzes the development strategies of "Internet+Electronic commerce" in international economic and trade.


Internet plus; Network information interaction; International economic and trade

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