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Research on Online Teaching Mode of College English Based on Rain Classroom

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEESR2023.060


Bei Shu

Corresponding Author

Bei Shu


Rain classroom, as a new learning mode, is a teaching method and new teaching experience that changes the online English teaching mode based on modern information technology. Not only can it overcome the drawbacks brought about by traditional teaching methods, but it can also greatly stimulate the interest of contemporary college students in using modern technology to acquire knowledge. The rich teaching resources in the rain classroom can meet different levels of learning requirements, reflecting the humanization of modern educational technology. Therefore, this article conducts research on the online teaching mode of English in universities based on the Rain Classroom. Through the organic combination of Rain Classroom and English online teaching, it mainly includes a mixture of different teaching concepts and a teaching mode that focuses on training students' listening and speaking abilities. This teaching mode conforms to the modern student-centered teaching concept and is an effective way to improve the learning and application abilities of vocational college students in China. By utilizing the online teaching resources and interactive tools of Rain Classroom, teaching activities are designed to organically combine real-life teaching and learning with online teaching and learning, with complementary advantages.


Rain classroom; College English; Online teaching mode

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