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Key Technologies of Lightweight Technology of New Energy Vehicles

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEPMS2023.022


Ying Ma

Corresponding Author

Ying Ma


New energy vehicles mainly use three electric systems: battery, motor and electronic control. Although this system can effectively increase the application ability of new energy vehicles and improve the technical level of new energy vehicles, it greatly increases the self-weight of new energy vehicles and seriously affects the power, braking, safety, endurance and battery consumption of new energy vehicles. Lightweight research and development of new energy vehicles is the development trend of new energy vehicle industry. This paper explores the lightweight of new energy vehicles from three aspects: structural design, research and development of new materials and selection of new manufacturing technology. New materials include high-performance automotive plastics, carbon fiber composites, aluminum alloys, high-strength steel and so on. The new manufacturing technology includes laser splicing, laser-arc hybrid welding technology, friction stir welding technology, internal high pressure forming, hot pressing forming and so on. The above lightweight technology of new energy vehicles can continuously reduce the self-weight of new energy vehicles and extend the endurance level of new energy vehicles, which will be the core of future market competition of new energy vehicle manufacturing industry. Domestic and foreign automobile enterprises will continue to study the lightweight technology, and the lightweight new energy vehicles will bring greater benefits to mankind.


New energy vehicles, lightweight, new materials, laser splicing, internal high pressure forming

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