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Influence of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project Construction on Hydrologic Test in Downstream

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEPMS2023.024


Junying Xue

Corresponding Author

Junying Xue


As a basic project of People's livelihood, hydraulic engineering is attracting more and more public attention. In order to make full use of water resources, not only can we build on the previous hydraulic engineering, a series of extension, reconstruction and other related work, but also organized a number of different water conservancy and hydropower project construction. The hydrologic test itself is a very important part of obtaining water resources data. It pays more attention to the comprehensiveness, timeliness and accuracy of the data, and combines with the related data and information, ensure that water resources can be more fully utilized. Based on the current situation of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project Construction and the main contents and significance of hydrologic test work, this paper analyzes the influence of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project Construction on hydrologic test work downstream, and put forward the effective optimization strategy.


Water conservancy and hydropower project, Downstream hydrological test, Impact

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