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The Practice of Regional Decorative Art in the Field of Architectural Decoration Design

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEPMS2023.025


Chang Liu

Corresponding Author

Chang Liu


The development of modern technology has led to the phenomenon of cultural convergence in globalization, which has brought great impact on regional and ethnic cultures. At the same time, regional and ethnic cultures are increasingly being valued by people. The culture formed in a region is a reflection of the mutual interaction, coordination, and transformation between humans and nature that arises from the long-term process of human survival and environmental change within a fixed regional scope. In modern design, traditional culture and regional cultural characteristics should be fully protected and developed. On the basis of respecting traditional culture, efforts should be made to explore design languages with local cultural characteristics. The legitimacy and scientificity generated in the decoration planning process are also key elements based on the standards expressed in regional cultural and artistic planning. This article attempts to study the field of architectural decoration design through regional decorative art. In decoration planning, we focus on and showcase regional culture in order to ensure that the interior decoration state we plan is compatible with the overall background of life, showcasing the coordinated development between humans and nature and possessing local cultural characteristics.


Regional decorative art, Architectural decoration, Design field

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