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Research on the Development of Strengthening and Reconstruction Technology of Building Structure

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEPMS2023.026


Erjia Li

Corresponding Author

Erjia Li


With the acceleration of urbanization in China and the rapid growth of urban population, urban housing is becoming more and more tense. In the past, due to a series of reasons, the use function and durability of housing buildings could not meet people's living needs. Adopting appropriate reinforcement technology can effectively improve the structural strength of building engineering, thus prolonging the service life and performance of the project and ensuring that the building can better meet people's needs. This paper discusses the application principle and value of building structure reinforcement and reconstruction technology, and further introduces and analyzes the development of building structure reinforcement and reconstruction technology, hoping to provide reference for improving the construction quality of building projects.


Strengthening, Reconstruction, Building structure

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