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A Study on the Styles and Schools of Integrating Music and Performing Arts

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.044


Hanwen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hanwen Zhang


Musicians' musical performance styles are directly related to their aesthetic views, and different aesthetic views determine different musical performance styles. The diversity of the material itself leads to different styles in content expression. Art school is a group of artists who are similar or similar in artistic style. They have something in common in thoughts and feelings, creative methods, personality temperament, artistic skills, aesthetic taste and so on. In this group, their artistic treatment, aesthetic preferences and other aspects have similarities. In the process of artistic development in a certain historical period, they represent the formation and establishment of musical style in this period. By referring to the previous research results and consulting relevant literature, the author discusses the formation and connection of styles and schools of fusion music and performing arts, as well as the characteristics of various art schools in different categories of music art and their influence on music art, in an attempt to understand the styles and schools of fusion music and performing arts more deeply.


Music and performing arts, Style, School

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