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Research on College Students' Physical Education Approaches under the Background of Internet+ Education

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.049


Ze Huang

Corresponding Author

Ze Huang


As teenagers enter universities and the scale of higher education expands, the sports foundation of college students is severely polarized, with varying levels and significant individual differences. The application of the Internet in physical education teaching can bring many conveniences to teachers and students, breaking away from many problems of traditional teaching methods. However, after a period of online teaching, we can see that there are still various obstacles to online teaching. In the context of internet education, the teaching philosophy of university physical education has gradually shifted from traditional “enhancing physical fitness” to the direction of “lifelong physical education”, and the development goal of “lifelong physical education” has also put forward new requirements for physical education teaching. Due to the excessive emphasis on physical education and the form, structure, and content of teaching, traditional teaching methods are no longer able to meet the current development needs of physical education. This article attempts to study the physical education methods of college students in the context of internet education. The whole process physical education practice teaching model under the educational background indicates that physical education practice teaching has shifted from single to comprehensive. In today's advocacy of quality education, university physical education is also an important platform for implementing quality education. Therefore, physical education educators in universities should also follow the trend of the times, constantly innovate on the basis of physical education teaching practice, and promote the reform of physical education teaching methods in universities.


Educational background, College student, Physical education approaches

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