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Research on Chorus Conductor Teaching Mode Based on the Cultivation of Students' Music Literacy

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.053


Liuyuan Yang

Corresponding Author

Liuyuan Yang


Chorus is a technology, and chorus conductor is a skill. By integrating different technologies and the cooperation and cooperation of all parties, supplemented by the artistic expression of the conductor, the perfect stage performance effect can be presented. The focus of college music teaching is in the classroom, focusing on teaching efficiency and students' internalization of music knowledge in the classroom, and attaching great importance to the formation, development and promotion of students' music literacy. At present, there are still many problems in the teaching of chorus conductor in universities, which is not conducive to students' participation in chorus rehearsal and conductor after graduation. This paper first expounds the importance of music literacy training in music teaching, then analyzes the current situation of chorus command teaching in music education major in universities, and finally puts forward some suggestions on constructing chorus command teaching mode based on students' music literacy training.


Music literacy, Chorus conductor, Music teaching

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