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The Causes and Countermeasures for the Shortage of Composite Technical Skilled Talents

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.058


Jingyu Liu

Corresponding Author

Jingyu Liu


Due to the rapid growth of industrialization and economy, compound skilled talents are playing an increasingly important role in economic construction. No matter in the transformation of traditional industries with high-tech and advanced applicable technologies, or in high-tech professional posts in emerging industries, a large number of talents who can master advanced technology and high skills are needed. Accelerating the construction of a powerful country with talents is an important guarantee to promote sound and rapid economic and social development and realize the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. In recent years, there has been a shortage of skilled workers, especially senior skilled workers, in China. The contradiction of insufficient total number of compound skilled talents, unbalanced distribution and unreasonable structure is very prominent, which has become one of the restrictive factors of sustainable economic development. To strengthen the construction of compound skilled talents, we must establish a correct concept of talents and optimize the growth environment of compound skilled talents. This paper analyzes the causes of the shortage of compound technical and technical talents, and puts forward relevant countermeasures.


Industrialization, Skilled talents, Talent shortage, Solution countermeasures

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