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Cultural Awareness Deprivation in EFT in Chinese Rural Primary Schools

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.061


Jinhua Wang

Corresponding Author

Jinhua Wang


The teaching of foreign languages has received attention globally in recent years regarding cultural awareness. The Compulsory Education Curriculum Standards (CECS) (2022)[1] in China specifies specifically that the core competencies that the English curriculum should nurture students encompass language competency, cultural awareness (CA), cognitive ability, and learning capacity. A solid grasp of the CA is a requirement for teachers as their role of mediators and facilitators of students. As nearly 20% of all Chinese primary students come from rural areas, the aim of this study is to gain a thorough understanding of how CA develops in EFT classrooms in primary schools of rural China.


Cultural awareness, EFT, Rural primary schools, Compulsory education curriculum standards (2022)

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