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Analysis and Countermeasures of Business Strategy and Risk Problems under Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.062


Xin Cao

Corresponding Author

Xin Cao


Under the condition of planned economy in the past, all the investment funds of enterprises were injected by the state for free, and all the investment activities of enterprises were implemented according to the government's plan. After the “appropriation to loan”, although the state investment funds were changed to paid loans from banks, the investment plan was still formulated by the government, and the loan indicators were in charge of the government. The consequences of a small change are becoming more and more complicated, and the unpredictability of the corresponding risks and losses is also increasing. Business risk is both an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises. For large enterprises that have not made strategic plans, their business indicators have risen slowly, and even about 48% of enterprises have suffered losses or closed down. Therefore, this paper analyzes the business strategy and risk problems of enterprises under the big data, and puts forward the improvement countermeasures. In the case that national diplomatic channels cannot be alleviated or solved, it is a better choice to avoid risks. Big data is based on the real behavior of consumers, rather than their description of their own behavior. The new insights provided by this can give birth to a new brand strategy.


Big data, Enterprise business strategy, Risk issues, Analysis and countermeasures

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