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Research on the Path Strategy for Diagnosis and Improvement of Higher Vocational Railway Operation Major Curriculum Based on SOLO Theory

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DOI: 10.23977/SMEHR2023.066


Jie Li

Corresponding Author

Jie Li


At present, China's railway industry has entered a new round of high-quality development, requiring more highly skilled talents in railway operation. In order to meet the talent cultivation needs of the industry, this article diagnoses the course "Receiving and Departing Train Work" in the railway operation major of Hunan Railway Vocational and Technical College based on SOLO theory. The results show that there are still unclear course objectives, untimely update and iteration of course content, and a relatively traditional teaching mode in this course This article aims to improve students' job adaptability and proposes improvement paths and strategies for higher vocational railway operation professional courses from the perspectives of course objectives, teaching content, teaching methods, and teaching staff, aiming to address issues such as unclear differences in student learning content. The aim is to achieve the goal of improving course quality.


SOLO theory, Vocational railway operation major, Course diagnosis and improvement

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