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Compilation and Investigation of the Questionnaire on the Training Quality of the Graduates of the Armed Police Colleges

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMESS2023.065


Chu Jiaqi, Liu Yao, Zheng Kangjia, Gou Dujuan

Corresponding Author

Chu Jiaqi


Military Colleges are the main places to cultivate military talents. The quality of graduates from military Colleges directly affects the development of strengthening the army. Based on the evaluation index system of talent training quality of undergraduate students in Military academy and the functional characteristics of the armed police force, this article compiles an other-report questionnaire on the training quality of graduates and a questionnaire self-evaluation questionnaire of graduates from military Colleges. Both questionnaires are scored on a seven-point scale. Then the research use these measurement tools to collect the data of 170 grass-roots army managers and 190 graduates of Officers College of PAP. The results show that: 1. The reliability and validity of the other evaluation questionnaire and the Self-Evaluation Questionnaire can be used as effective tools to evaluate the training quality of military Colleges graduates. 2. The grass-roots managers consider that the evaluation of Ideological and political is the highest of the all dimensions in training quality of Officers College of PAP. The satisfaction degree of quality assurance and teaching effect is the highest from the perspective of graduates of Officers College of PAP.


The armed police colleges, Graduates, Cultivation quality questionnaire

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