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Analysis of New Media Art Types in Cross-Cultural Context

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMESS2023.075


Jing He

Corresponding Author

Jing He


We are in the interaction of a diverse world and in the multi-cultural human communication. How to make ourselves a successful and efficient cross-cultural communicator is an unavoidable realistic challenge. Cross-cultural communication is a historical and cultural phenomenon that accompanies human growth, and it is also a way of life of modern people. More importantly, it has always been the internal driving force of cultural development. Nowadays, the application of cross-cultural context in visual arts has become the mainstream of communication. By analyzing the types of new media art in cross-cultural context, it is an important way to improve the quality and level of visual art to find a new way to show the creativity and cross-cultural communication of visual art.


New media art, Cross-cultural context, Cross-cultural communication

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