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Differences of Visual Culture Communication between China and Foreign Countries under the Background of Globalization

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMESS2023.095


Xiujiang Tan, Long Tan

Corresponding Author

Xiujiang Tan


With the popularization of televisions and computers, electronic publications and the Internet, cross-border and cross-cultural communication is becoming more and more frequent. However, due to the influence of regions and customs, information is inevitably hindered in the stage of global communication. With regard to visual psychology and visual culture, the purpose is to let students understand the influence of visual psychology and visual culture on visual expression, the influence of social senses on artistic creation, and study the visual traditions of different cultures, such as China landscape paintings and western oil paintings. Students discuss the influence of cultural differences on visual expression by analyzing the visual expressions of different cultures, and design a cross-cultural artistic creation project in the stage of studying the visual traditions of different cultures. In the context of globalization, this paper makes a more scientific and rational analysis of the visual design elements in animation art design, studies the differences of visual culture communication between China and foreign countries, and based on this, demonstrates the unique realization methods and manifestations of animation art design in digital media art design.


Globalization, Visual culture, Differences between china and foreign countries, Animation art design

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