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Animation Design Transformation Driven by Digital Media Art

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMESS2023.100


Junjie You

Corresponding Author

Junjie You


Due to the rapid growth of information technology (IT), digital media technology is very important today, which involves all aspects of life. Animation has now become a cultural expression, and it also has an indispensable influence and function on animation design and digital media art, which will drive animation design to a broader development space. From the perspective of economy and science and technology, animation industry has also played a driving role in science and technology, and made use of the rapidly developing emerging science and technology. This article mainly analyzes the basic concepts of animation design and digital media art; Then, the transformation of animation design driven by digital media art is discussed. It is hoped that this research can provide some help for the practitioners in various animation design industries, and make the animation industry in China move towards the road of digital high-tech creation.


Digital media art, Animation design, Transformation, Innovate

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