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Exploring the Problems and Countermeasures in Cost Control of Civil Engineering Projects

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.003


Shuqi Gong

Corresponding Author

Shuqi Gong


The lack of an effective management system in the cost control of civil engineering is the main issue affecting the effectiveness of cost control, which not only increases the construction cost of civil engineering but also reduces the economic benefits of participating units. In addition, the imperfect cost management system also affects the effectiveness of engineering cost management. Due to cost control issues in these projects, the increase in construction costs has also affected the economic benefits of construction enterprises. In this regard, this article attempts to take some countermeasures for the problems in cost control of civil engineering projects, mainly from strengthening contract management of civil engineering projects, improving the effectiveness of cost control, and carrying out preparatory work for civil engineering projects. Reasonably utilizing human, material, and financial resources in various engineering construction projects to achieve high investment benefits is of great significance in reducing production costs for civil engineering construction units, improving the quality of civil engineering projects, and expanding the construction market. Increase supervision and inspection efforts, clarify project cost control objectives, and effectively implement control measures.


Civil engineering; Manufacturing control issues; Countermeasure

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