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Research on the future development trend of brain science from the perspective of strategic planning

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.004


Lixin He

Corresponding Author

Lixin He


The difference between economic engineering and traditional brain science lies in its emphasis on engineering and quantitative methods in nervous system analysis, and the integration of brain science and engineering makes it different from other engineering fields. The 21st century will be the era of brain science. The development of brain science has reached a remarkable level, and the game among big countries around brain science is becoming increasingly fierce. From the perspective of strategic planning, it is the development focus and main task of China's basic research to include brain science and cognitive science in the forefront of basic research, promote the balanced, coordinated and cross-disciplinary development of disciplines, encourage interdisciplinary research, and organize and implement major scientific and technological projects such as brain science and brain-like research. This paper summarizes the future development trend of brain science, and puts forward some thoughts on the future development of brain science in China from the perspective of strategic planning.


development trend; brain science; strategic planning

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