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Research on the Influence of Basketball Teaching in College Physical Education Courses on Students' Physical Health

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.009


Changxin Liu

Corresponding Author

Changxin Liu


The drawbacks of traditional physical education teaching are becoming increasingly prominent, which contradicts the current concept of physical education teaching. Its teaching organization pursues strict discipline, emphasizes the authoritative role of teachers, and emphasizes the central position of teachers; Its teaching method is relatively single and lacks changes, with obvious characteristics of indoctrination teaching, explanation and demonstration, decomposition teaching, repeated practice, and circular practice, neglecting the subjectivity of students. In this regard, this article conducts research on the impact of basketball teaching in college physical education courses on students' physical health. We focus on basketball textbooks to carry out the reform of college physical education teaching, laying a good foundation for the formation of students' lifelong sports awareness. Therefore, focusing on basketball textbooks and reforming physical education teaching in universities can be promoted. In teaching practice, it has been tested and achieved ideal teaching results. The physical health status of students has undergone significant changes. Basketball teaching in physical education courses has a significant impact on students' flexibility, body shape, and height. In terms of physical function and physical fitness, the designed basketball teaching course intervention has a significant impact compared to traditional basketball teaching intervention.


Physical education courses in universities; Basketball teaching; Students' physical health; Influence

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