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Analysis of the Problems in College Postgraduates' Public English Teaching and Exploration of the Improvement Strategies

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.025


Xuefeng Liu

Corresponding Author

Xuefeng Liu


At present, learning and using English has become a craze. As the main channel for training and transporting talents for the society, colleges and universities should conform to the requirements of the times and cultivate more talents who use English comprehensively. Its teaching goal is to cultivate students' comprehensive English application ability, especially listening and speaking and translating ability, so that they can communicate effectively in English in their future study, work and social interaction, and at the same time enhance their autonomous learning ability and improve their comprehensive cultural literacy to meet the needs of China's social development and international communication. With the increasing number of graduate students, with the acceleration of China's internationalization process and China's accession to the WTO(World Trade Organization), the society has put forward higher requirements for the overall quality of graduate students, especially the quality of foreign languages, so how to do a good job in the teaching of graduate English in the new period is particularly important. This paper deeply analyzes the problems existing in ELT(English Language Teaching), and based on the correct teaching theory, puts forward some strategies to improve the teaching effect.


Graduate students in universities; Public English; Teaching issues; Improvement strategies

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