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Research on the application of computer virtual reality technology in the teaching of college students

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.027


Shengjiao Mu

Corresponding Author

Shengjiao Mu


VR(virtual reality) technology has been rapidly applied in various fields. When it is applied to college students' teaching, the teaching mode of computer education will be subverted. Students will learn the teaching content in the set virtual environment through VR technology and interact with it, which will increase the situational and interesting of classroom teaching and learning. Applying VR technology to college students' teaching can change the traditional teaching methods, attract students' attention with more novel teaching conditions and forms, stimulate students' subjective interest in computer learning, and enhance their learning and exploration motivation. This paper introduces the basic concept of computer VR, then introduces its advantages in college students' teaching, and finally introduces the application of computer VR technology in college students' teaching.


College students; Application; Virtual reality

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