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Research on Product Pricing in Online Marketing under the Background of Live E-commerce

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.029


Jiawei Sun

Corresponding Author

Jiawei Sun


With the vigorous development of information technology, internet technology, and new media, China's marketing model has breathed new vitality. Live streaming e-commerce, as a new trend in the e-commerce market, is increasingly receiving people's attention. Live streaming e-commerce has refreshed consumers' shopping patterns and can easily trigger impulsive purchasing behavior. As a new online marketing model, live broadcast e-commerce can effectively expand product Marketing channel, promote consumption transformation and upgrading, and make up for the shortcomings of traditional marketing models. With the rise of the new marketing model of "live streaming+e-commerce", more and more manufacturers and merchants recognize the advantages of this marketing model and choose this method for marketing, which can bring huge economic profits. In the process of enterprise online marketing, price strategy is a key link in the enterprise's online marketing strategy. The added value of products in various value chains is ultimately realized at price. How to establish appropriate prices for products has become a significant decision with practical significance faced by various enterprise operators. This article is based on the background of live streaming e-commerce and studies the pricing problem of products in online marketing.


Live streaming e-commerce; Online marketing; Product pricing

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