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Exploration of Innovative Approaches to Advertising Design Teaching in Art and Design Majors in Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.030


Chunyu Yang

Corresponding Author

Chunyu Yang


A good advertising design case not only contains profound artistic, literary, and thinking elements, but also includes many development factors such as economics, sociology, psychology, statistics, etc. A thought-provoking advertising slogan can reflect the designer's excellent comprehensive literacy, and a clever and bold advertising poster can also highlight the designer's thoughts and emotions. Behind a successful advertising design, there are also various requirements for the market, products, and consumers from the designer. The development of advertising design majors in Chinese universities is relatively late, and although the country has given it sufficient attention, this article explores innovative ways of advertising design teaching in art design majors in universities. Teaching staff must pay sufficient attention to the case teaching model in the process of advertising design teaching. In advertising design teaching, educators should actively adopt the case teaching model, and use successful advertising cases to let students truly experience the infinite charm emitted by advertising design. It also reflects the important position of China's national culture in the world from a unique perspective, demonstrating the era's demand for personalized and nationalized development in modern advertising design.


Universities; Major in Art and Design; Advertising design teaching; Innovative approaches

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