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Research and Practice on Cultivating College Students' Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability under the Guidance of Craftsman Spirit

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.034


Meichun Wang

Corresponding Author

Meichun Wang


The "craftsmanship spirit" has received widespread attention. At present, the cultivation of innovative qualities has also been influenced and nurtured by the spirit of craftsmanship. It not only requires college students to proficiently master the basic knowledge of their major, but also to master the necessary practical skills, and on this basis, to optimize their own innovation ability and flexibly respond to more difficulties and risks. The process of entrepreneurship is actually a process of continuous learning and trial and error. Only students with continuous learning ability can achieve a level of excellence and achieve the spirit of entrepreneurship as a craftsman. Through the words and deeds of entrepreneurial mentors, students can understand the methods of craftsmanship spirit. At the level of goals and content, it is necessary to focus on the key literacy of students in entrepreneurship and innovation, and construct a large system for cultivating "craftsman talents" in universities. Through the guidance and guidance of mentors, students' innovation awareness and entrepreneurial ability can be comprehensively cultivated.


Craftsmanship spirit; College students; Innovation and entrepreneurship; Ability development

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